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Question bank management

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Crafting questions

Aptech's customized Assessment & Testing Solutions fits the objective of the client. Aptech has a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) who handles all aspects of assessments.

Client-generated questions

Some clients choose to provide a ready bank of questions which are securely transmitted to Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions via our File Transfer Manager (FTM).


The client sets down rules & conditions of the test. The type of questions to be administered can also be selected at this stage.

Question set creation

Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions creates a Question set using state-of-the-art software.

Quality check

The Question set is checked for accuracy and for adherence to clientís specifications.


The Question set is encrypted and password-protected. Even Aptech's staff cannot access the Question set from this point forward.

Test registration

Test registration image

Application processing

Candidates fill in an online application form to register for the exam. These forms are collected and submitted to the client.

Online Exam Booking System (OEBS)

Clients opt for the OEBS interface to be hosted on the Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions website. All screens are customized to the clientís requirements. Candidates visit the site and register themselves for the exam. They can choose to take the test at a time and in a city of their convenience. This enables greater flexibility and helps avoid date clashes with other exams. The hall ticket (with instructions) is generated and the candidate can print it on-the-spot.

Payment gateway

The OEBS can be bundled with a payment gateway to ensure transparent cash management.

International candidates

A separate registration and payment gateway is available for international candidates.