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Why Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions?

A third-party assessments provider ensures neutrality and builds credibility of both, the test & the organization conducting the test. Aptech's Assessment & Testing Solutions ensure hassle-free & accurate assessments to suit any purpose.

Wide reach

Aptech has over 100 Test Centres across India and abroad. This broadens the scope of the exam & brings greater convenience to candidates taking the exam.

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Extensive experience

Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions has conducted over 10 million tests so far. Aptech continues to conduct assessments to suit any purpose.

Delivery flexibility

Tests can be conducted online via the Internet, by hosting them on Aptech's own server, or on a portable server that can be transported to locations beyond the purview of an Aptech Test Centre.

Multiple modes of delivery

Web Offline Proctored (WOP) | Online | Paper-pencil

Speed & scalability

Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions significantly cuts down time required to announce, process registrations for, and conduct large-scale tests. Aptech follows a scalable model: As the number of candidates for tests/ assessments increases, so does the capacity to conduct the exams.

International presence

Aptech has over 100 training centres across the world, in countries including India, Bahrain, Dubai, Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Save time & cost

Institutes invest up to 2 months of staff time & administrative effort in conducting exams. Tasks involved include:

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  • Setting question papers
  • Getting tests printed (in case of paper-pencil tests)
  • Arranging appropriate exam centres in case of multi-location tests
  • Deploying invigilation staff to various locations
  • Marking & evaluating completed test papers
  • Compiling scores
  • Declaring results


For corporates, too, conducting assessments is beyond the purview of their core competencies of delivering a product or service. Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions is a specialist provider that undertakes all assessment-related activities for universities, corporates, education institutes & public sector organizations, while keeping costs low.